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The Ins and Outs of Shipping a Lowering Car

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Shipping a lowered car can be a daunting task for many car enthusiasts. Handling and transporting lowered cars is different from handling and transporting standard vehicles. Because of this, it’s important to know the ins and outs of sending a lowering car to make sure it gets there in perfect shape. Read on to learn everything you need to know about moving a car that is lowered.

Preparing Your Lowering Car for Shipping

The first thing you need to do to ship your lowering car is to get it ready for shipping. This means you need to do a few important things to make sure your car is ready to go: These are some of them:

  1. Remove All Modifications: Remove any extra parts, like body kits, spoilers, or air dams, from your car before you ship it. This will help keep these parts from getting broken while they are being shipped.
  1. Drain Fluids: Make sure that the car is drained of all fluids, including gas, oil, and water. This will help stop leaks while being moved and reduce the chance of a fire.
  1. Secure Loose Items: Take out any loose things from the inside of your car, like floor mats, CD players, and other items. These things can move around while being moved, which can damage the inside.
  1. Disable the Alarm: If your car has an alarm, make sure to turn it off before transporting it so it doesn’t go off while you’re driving.
  1. Perform a Thorough Inspection: Check your car for any damage and take pictures to prove it. This will help you file a claim if anything gets broken while being shipped.

Choosing a Shipping Method

When it comes to shipping your lowering car, there are several methods to choose from. The most common methods include:

  1. Open Trailer: This is the least expensive way to ship something, but it doesn’t protect it very well. During transport, your car will be open to the weather, which could cause harm.
  1. Enclosed Trailer: This way is safer than a trailer with the door open. Your car will be moved in a van with a roof, which will protect it from the weather and other dangers.
  1. Flatbed: This is the best way to travel short distances. Your car will be moved on a flatbed truck, which is safer than a trailer with no sides.

Choosing the right way to ship will rely on your budget, the distance, and how much protection you need.

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Selecting a Shipping Company

To make sure your lowered car gets to its destination safely, you must choose a reputable shipping company. Think about the following when choosing a shipping company:

  1. Reputation: Choose a company that has a good name in the field. Look for reviews and comments from people who have used the service before.
  1. Experience: Choose a company that has shipped lowered cars before. Ask the company how many cars that lower have they shipped before.
  1. Insurance: Choose a company that will cover your car with insurance while it is being moved. Before you sign anything, make sure you understand the benefits and deductibles.
  1. Price: Price is important, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you look at. Find a company that offers a good mix between price and service.

Tools Used When Loading a Lowering Car for Shipping

When shipping a lowering car, you need special equipment and loading tools to make sure the car is loaded on the transport vehicle safely and firmly. Lowered cars have unique requirements, when choosing the right loading tools for the job, you have to think about things like low ground height and a small angle of approach. Here are some tools that are used to load a moving car for shipping, along with why they are important.

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Wheel Cribs

Wheel cribs are used to lift the car off the ground, making room for the loading ramps and making sure the car can be loaded carefully and without damage. It is important to get the right size for the car. When using wheel cribs, it is important to make sure that the car is level and balanced so that it doesn’t fall off or tip over.

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are used to lift the car off the ground, providing clearance for the wheel cribs and loading ramps. When using hydraulic jacks, ensure that the jack is placed on a stable surface and that the car is properly supported. Additionally, use jack stands or other support devices to prevent the car from falling off the jack during loading.

Tie-Down Straps

Tie-down bands hold the car to the trailer or flatbed truck while it is being moved. The size and weight of the car being moved will determine how many tie-down straps are needed. Usually, four tie-down straps are needed to keep a car from moving while it is being transported. Make sure the tie-down straps are tight enough to keep the car from moving while it’s being moved.


For a lowering car to get to its destination safely, it needs to be shipped with special care and planning. Let US Cargo Freight take care of shipping your dropped car so you don’t have to worry or try new things.

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