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Flatbed auto transport

A Deep Dive into Flatbed Auto Transport

If you are moving to a new home or starting a new job, you should consider how to transport your current car. According to research, 50% of people tend to keep their vehicles for years due to the increasing durability of modern vehicles.

Keeping them also gives a sense of emotional attachment and saves money in the long run.

When moving long distances, many people do not know how to choose the right auto transport for their cars. Flatbed auto transport can be a helpful option. Continue reading as US Car-Go Freight explains the benefits of using flatbed auto transport to move your car.

What is Flatbed Auto Transport ?

Flatbed auto transport is a specialized service used to safely and efficiently transport vehicles that cannot fit into traditional trailers.

Flatbed carriers are platforms without sides or a roof, allowing vehicles to be loaded from the sides or the rear using ramps.

They offer easier loading and unloading options, especially for vehicles that are not operational or those with unique dimensions.

You might have seen a flatbed trailer when driving on the highway because they are very common and have many benefits compared to other forms of shipping.

Flatbed Auto Transport Benefits

Flatbed auto transport offers several distinct advantages, They include the following:

  1. Versatility in Vehicle Transport
    Flatbed auto transport has proven to be a reliable and effective mode of shipping vehicles. They are known for their versatility in hauling vehicles of different shapes, sizes, and conditions.
    That is why many auto shipping companies use them to carry motorcycles, cars, cranes, sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles and many more.
  2. Heavy Duty Option
    Flatbed auto transport is a great option for many travelers because of its construction and heavy duty option.
    These vehicles are built with durable materials, allowing them to effectively withstand the pressures of transporting heavy vehicles. They can transport multiple oversized cars without experiencing wear and tear.
  3. Ease of Loading and Accessibility
    Flatbed auto transport does not have ceilings and walls, which makes unloading and loading carriers extremely easy.
    When using flatbeds, vehicles can be loaded from various directions, offering greater flexibility compared to enclosed carriers or open-air trailers.
    During transport, the absence of sides or roofs makes it easier to access the vehicle for inspection or adjustments when necessary.
  4. Reduced Risk of Damage
    Flatbed auto transport reduces vehicle risk of damage during transport as they are immobilized and less likely to shift.
    It also allows drivers and transport companies to effectively monitor the vehicle’s condition, ensuring its security and protecting it from impairment.
  5. Cost-Effective and Convenient
    Flatbed auto shipping is the way to go when you need to transport a vehicle that a traditional trailer cannot transport.
    Flatbed shipping is cost-effective because it allows multiple owners to transport their vehicles on the same trailer. Flatbed auto transport providers are also preferred by customers due to the convenience provided by their trailers.

Different Types of Flatbed Auto Shipment

Flatbed auto transport is a method used to move vehicles that require special handling due to their size, shape, or condition.
Unlike open and enclosed transportation, flatbed trailers have a flat bed on the back of their truck.
Flatbed haulers are only used to ship vehicles that can’t fit on a standard open or enclosed trailer. These include extended cargo vans, construction equipment, cargo tent trailers

An open hauler does not have walls or a roof, and it’s the best if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to ship your car.

Open auto transport will not protect your vehicle from the elements, but your car will not experience significant damage.

Enclosed haulers on the other hand provide an added layer of protection with roofs and walls, making them ideal for transporting vehicles that require extra care and security.

Enclosed auto transport is great for protecting a rare or classic vehicle that needs to travel hundreds of miles. This service is more expensive than open transport but will shield your vehicle from damage.

Flatbed auto transport is more expensive than open and enclosed car shipping . This is because there is a littler demand for it and most auto transport companies does not offer the service.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport
One of the advantages of door-to-door auto transport is that it saves you the hassle of finding a terminal nearby for receiving or delivering your car.

Door-to-door auto transport gives you the flexibility to select a specific and convenient location for drop-off and pick-up of your vehicle. This location can be at your home for added convenience.

While this convenience comes at an additional cost, it gives peace of mind and ease.

Expedited Auto Transport
Expedited auto transport allows you to ship your car within two to three days instead of the usual one week. It ensures your car reaches its destination promptly but comes with an increased shipping price.

However, if time is of the essence and you need your car at its destination as quickly as possible, this option can be a convenient solution.

Opt for expedited auto transport if you want a faster and easier shipment.

Understanding The Cost Flatbed Auto Shipping

The cost of flatbed car transport can vary based on customers’ vehicles, unique shipping needs, and other factors. The price for shipping with flatbed auto transport depends on the following:

There are typically increased costs when transporting vehicles for longer distances. This is because longer distances require more fuel, leading to higher overall expenses.

Vehicle Size and Weight:
When shipping larger and heavier vehicles, such as oversized trucks or construction equipment, it is important to be aware that special permits may be required. These requirements can impact the overall shipping cost.

Urgent Delivery
Opting for expedited or urgent deliveries costs higher compared to standard shipping options.

This is because expedited shipping involves faster processing and delivery, which may require additional resources and manpower to meet the accelerated timeline.

The cost of transportation can be significantly influenced by the locations for pickup and delivery. Particularly when those locations are in remote, busy, or difficult-to-reach areas.

Additional Services
Using services like door-to-door delivery or vehicle storage costs more than the usual charges. These can raise the overall cost of your vehicle.

Get a quote from a flatbed auto shipping company to get an accurate estimated cost.

The Bottom Line

Flatbed auto transport is a highly flexible and secure option for moving vehicles of different sizes and conditions. Whether you need to transport a standard car or an oversized vehicle, flatbed transport has what you need.

Understanding the benefits, methods, costs, and how US Car-Go Freight can assist with your auto transport needs ensures a smooth and efficient transportation experience.

Ready to experience the reliability of flatbed trucks in car shipping?
Contact US Car-Go Freight today to know more about our auto transportation services and receive a personalized quote for your shipment.

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