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What Are the Important Equipment Needed to Ship Lowering Cars?

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When shipping cars, slammed cars, or lowered cars, it’s important to have the right tools to make sure the vehicle gets there safely. Cars that are lowered can be hard to do because they are closer to the ground. They might also have special parts that need to be taken off or covered while being shipped. Read on to learn what lowering means and what important tools are needed to ship them.

What are lowering cars?

Getting cars to sit lower is a popular trend in the auto business, and many car fans customize their cars to get this look. If you lower a car, it can handle better and look more threatening. Before lowering a car, though, you should think about a few things because they can affect the car’s speed, safety, and legality.

The Important Equipment Needed to Ship Lowering Cars

Low-Clearance Trailer

A low-clearance trailer, which is also called a flatbed trailer, is needed to move low cars. These trailers have a lower deck height, so the vehicle can sit closer to the ground. This makes it less likely that the vehicle will get damaged when it is being loaded or unloaded. Also, these trailers are made with ramps that can be changed to fit vehicles with a lower ground level.

Wheel Straps

It’s important to use wheel straps instead of chains or hooks to tie a vehicle to the trailer. Wheel straps are made to hold the car firmly without hurting the suspension or undercarriage. Also, wheel straps keep the car from moving while it’s being moved, which lowers the risk of damage.

Loading Ramps

Loading ramps are necessary to load, unload, and lower cars onto a trailer. The steps should be long enough and have a gentle slope so that the vehicle’s undercarriage doesn’t get damaged. Also, the ramps should have a surface that doesn’t slip so that the car doesn’t slide when it’s being loaded or unloaded.

Lift Kits

In some cases, you may need a lift kit to safely move a car that is getting lower. Lift kits can make the vehicle’s ground level higher, so it can sit higher on the trailer and be less likely to get damaged. Lift kits can be put on a vehicle briefly and taken off when it gets to its destination.

Protective Coverings

During transport, the outside of the car is exposed to things like debris, weather, and other dangers. Protective coverings, like shrink wrap or car covers, can help keep the outside of a car from getting damaged. Also, if the car has special parts like spoilers or body kits, they should be taken off and protected while it is being moved.

Strut Bars

Strut bars help strengthen the suspension of a car while it is being moved. Strut bars connect the suspension parts of a car, giving them more support and making them less likely to break. Strut bars can also keep the car from moving or bouncing around while it’s being moved.

Things to Consider When Shipping Lowering Vehicles

Shipping a lowered car can be hard because there are a lot of things to think about to make sure it gets to its destination in perfect shape. Here are the main things to think about when moving a car that has been lowered.

Choose a reputable precision car carriers

When shipping a car that has been lowered, the first thing to think about is the shipping business. So, it’s important to find precision car carriers with a good reputation and a lot of experience who specialize in moving lowered vehicles. They have the right tools, like low-clearance trailers, to move your car safely and without damage.

Prepare the vehicle for shipping

Before you ship your car, you need to get it ready for shipping. These include taking off any aftermarket parts, like body kits or spoilers that could get broken during shipping. Also, set the vehicle’s suspension to its highest level to give it more ground clearance and keep it from scraping when you’re loading or removing.

Choose the right trailer

When moving a car that has been lowered, it’s important to get the right trailer for the job. The best way to move lowered cars is with low-clearance trailers. These trailers have a lower deck height, so your car can sit closer to the ground. This makes it less likely that your car will get damaged when you load or offload it.

Consider the route

Some roads, like ones with steep hills or bumpy surfaces, can damage the suspension of a dropped car. A trustworthy auto transport business will look at the route and make any changes that are needed to make sure your car gets to its destination in perfect shape.

Inspect your car before and after shipping

Check it carefully and write down any damage you find. This paperwork is very important in case anything gets broken during shipping. Also, check the car again when it gets to its destination to make sure it is still in the same shape.

In conclusion

With the right tools and auto shipping business, you can ship a car that is lowered. At US Cargo, we know how to ship your lowering car without any trouble. Contact us today to feel safe while your car is being shipped.

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