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Do you own a company that often needs car transportation? If that’s the case, it seems like you may benefit from working with an auto transport company that specializes in transporting vehicles for businesses and corporations. You may be asking what a business or corporate vehicle shipping service is and why you would need one. It’s a specialist service for big companies who need to move a fleet of automobiles, trucks, or anything else they drive. Companies like car lots, rental agencies, and others who have a fleet of automobiles to transport can benefit greatly from this service.

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Known for their competitive rates from individual services to business shipping solutions US Car-Go strives to deliver a 5-star vehicle-shipping experience to every customer.

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So Why Should You Consider Our Business/Corporate Auto Shipping Service?

  • It's a Cost-effective and Efficient Way.

    To begin with, it helps you save both time and money. You would have to rent a truck, pay for drivers, and put in a lot of hours of driving time if you tried to move the cars yourself. This can be a financial and time drain. The only information you need to give a company or corporate auto shipping service is where to pick up and drop off the vehicle.

  • More Efficient Way to Transport Your Vehicles.

    These businesses employ specialized tools and personnel who are well-versed in managing a large number of automobiles simultaneously. Transporters can hold up to ten vehicles, so you can transfer more cars in one go than you could if you drove them alone.

  • Additional Insurance Coverage.

    You may rest easy knowing that your vehicles are covered in the event of an accident or damage with the help of insurance from a corporate auto shipping provider.

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