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Buying a car at auction can save you a lot of money, but what comes next? How to ship vehicles from an auction to your driveway is a major factor to think about.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of auto shipping a vehicle from a sale to its ultimate location if you haven’t done it before. But don’t fret; with some forethought and preparation, it’s a breeze. This post will walk you through the process of transporting your recently won car from the sale to its final destination.

Research Your Options

Your first step in shipping a car purchased at auction should be investigating your transit choices. You’re in luck because there are various containers, such as open and confined options, to pick from. Your task is to determine which of these types is ideal for you. It is essential to locate a transporter that is capable of transporting your specific vehicle model because some companies only send certain makes and models. When that’s settled, you’re ready to hit the road (or, more accurately, to let someone else do the driving)!

Choose a Carrier

You can do this by getting estimates from a few different car carrier companies. Be specific about the make and type of the car, the pick-up and transport places, and the shipment date when seeking estimates. When you have gotten estimates from multiple providers, you can evaluate them to determine which one provides the most bang for your buck.

Schedule the Shipment

After settling on a transport company, you’ll need to arrange the delivery date. Make sure the business has all the information they need, such as where to pick up and drop off the vehicle, how to get in touch with the bidding house, and any specific directions for loading or offloading the vehicle. The time and date of the pickup and drop-off should also be confirmed.

Prepare the Vehicle

You need to get your automobile ready for shipping before the car delivery service agency can come and get it. Remove all valuables, turn off the alert, and secure any unsecured objects in the car. You should photograph the vehicle’s current state as well as any preexisting harm.

Loading and Transporting the Vehicle

The car shipping carrier will come to collect up the car on the scheduled pickup date. The shipping company will check your car for harm before they transport it, but you should do a final inspection to make sure nothing has changed. After the vehicle is filled, the transporter will take it where it needs to go. The shipping company will keep you apprised of the shipment’s whereabouts at all times.

Receiving the Vehicle

The car requires another thorough inspection upon arrival at its final location. Damaged items must be photographed and reported to the shipping company and bidding house without delay. If the car has not sustained any new harm since delivery, you may accept it and pay for delivery.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Shipping Company When Transporting an Auctioned Car

Shipping an auctioned car through a car freight shipping company requires careful planning and attention to detail. With these tips, you can transport your auctioned car with confidence.

Choose the Right Transport Method

The first thing to do is figure out how you’ll be getting the vehicle there. You can rent a transport vehicle, a flatbed, an open trailer, or a covered trailer.

While open trucks are less expensive, they do not provide any protection for your vehicle. The cost of an enclosed trailer is higher, but it protects your vehicle from the elements and road detritus. If the vehicle isn’t working, a trailer van may be a better choice for transport. In most cases, a lift truck is called for vehicles that are completely immobile.

Hire a Reputable Transport Company

Choose a reliable auto shipping service once you’ve determined the best route to take. Find a dependable vehicle shipping business that focuses on satisfying customers. Find out what other customers have to say about them online, and have your friends and family recommend them if they liked their work.

Check Insurance Coverage

If you’re going to trust a business to move your vehicle, verify that they have adequate protection. To make sure your vehicle is completely protected, request a duplicate of their insurance document and study it thoroughly.

Prepare the Car for Transport

You need to get your vehicle ready for transit before the auto moving company comes. Take out all of your belongings and give the vehicle a good cleaning. Document the vehicle’s state with photos before loading it onto a flatbed or van.

Be Present for Pick-Up and Delivery

You must be available for both the pickup and delivery of your vehicle by the transit firm. With these, you can check the vehicle’s state and make sure it’s in good shape. Be careful to make a notation of any harm on the Bill of Lading.

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Secure Loose Parts

Make sure the car’s hood, side reflectors, and any other removable accessories are firmly secured or removed. These will keep them safe from harm on the way there.

Notify the Transport Company of any Modifications

Make sure to let the car hauling company know about any changes, like a reduced chassis or modified sound system, before dropping off your vehicle. They’ll be able to adjust the conveyance to better protect the vehicle.

Wrapping Up

With these steps in mind, you can get your car from a sale to its end destination quickly and safely.

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