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Of course many people transport vehicles from both Florida and California, given their respective sizes. Is getting your automobile from Florida to California something you’ve been thinking about? Learn all you need to know about transporting your vehicle from the Sunshine State to the Golden State right here on our site!

Choose a reputable auto shipping company

Check the evaluations of firms that have transported autos before hiring one. Also, acquire estimates from other businesses so you can compare services and costs.

Decide a shipping method

Your car may be sent in one of two ways. Both open and closed modes of transportation are available.

Open transport

The most popular way of transporting vehicles is open automobile transport. The process include driving the automobile into an open trailer, where it will be transported with other cars. The trailer can haul up to 10 vehicles at once and is usually between 75 and 80 feet in length.

Transport an open vehicle has the benefit of being cheaper than covered vehicles. This is due to the fact that they can transport more automobiles at once at a lower price. However, the automobiles are open to the elements and more susceptible to damage from road debris, weather, and other risks along the journey.

Enclosed transport

Shipping a car on an enclosed trailer is the most expensive option. The automobile is loaded onto an enclosed trailer, which completely seals off the vehicle from the outdoors. When transporting luxury cars, classic cars, or high-value vehicles that need special protection from road debris, weather, and other threats, this is an excellent alternative. The size difference between open and enclosed trailers is significant.

Choose a location

Set arrange a time and place for the car to be picked up and delivered that works for both you and the shipping business. Delivery times may change depending on factors such as weather or traffic.

Confirm the transport details

Contact the auto shipping company to verify the trip specifics. Dates, shipment options, and protection against loss are some of them. Be sure you fully grasp the terms of the agreement before signing.

Track your car

Its transit can be monitored in real time. Most auto shipping companies include online tracking so you may monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts and arrival time in real time.

Receive your car

When the car arrives at the delivery site, be sure to check it over for any damage before signing the release form. Take pictures of the damage and call the car transportation provider if you need to make a claim for reimbursement.

Factor Affecting Shipping Cars From Florida To California

The procedure and cost of transporting a vehicle from Florida to California might vary depending on a number of variables. But if you take the time to learn about them, you can make smart choices and guarantee a smooth transaction. Some of the major variables that might change the cost of moving an automobile from Florida to California are as follows:


One of the most important criteria is the distance between the delivery and pickup points. Furthermore, the states of Florida and California are located on opposing coastlines of the USA. Thus, the farther the distance, the higher the cost of transportation.

Type of Vehicle

The shipment method and price might be affected by the vehicle type as well. More money may need to be spent on shipping if the vehicle is very large or heavy. Insurance and other precautions for transporting high-value or luxury automobiles might increase the overall cost.

Transport Method

To what extent you spend and how long it takes to ship an automobile depends on the mode of transportation you choose. When comparing open and enclosed car transport, open auto shipping often costs less. However, transporting an automobile in an enclosed carrier offers more security.

Route Taken by Carrier

The shipping procedure for a vehicle might be impacted by the route used by the auto transport company. Ten different interstates span the southern United States and provide the shortest path from Florida to California. However, different carriers may use other routes, based on their needs and timetables. Shipping times and costs are both impacted by the paths a package takes to get to its destination.

Season and Weather Conditions

The shipping process may be impacted by seasonal shifts and weather. Snow and ice on the roadways increase the risk of shipping an automobile throughout the winter. Similarly, bad weather may cause auto transport delays or cancellations during hurricane season.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

It may cost extra to deliver the car to a distant or inaccessible place. It may be much more of a hassle in a crowded city.

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